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Extraordinary Ability

If you can demonstrate that you have extraordinary ability in your field, you may be able to apply for a work visa (O-1) or permanent residence (EB-1). O-1 visas are not subject to a cap as H-1B visas are and can usually be adjudicated in a shorter time. Similarly, permanent residence based on extraordinary ability is usually faster than other employment-based green card applications.

The specific requirements to prove extraordinary ability vary depending on your field. In general, however, you must be able to show that you have been recognized as extraordinary by others, using evidence such as reviews, news articles, and testimonials.

In order to qualify for O-1 status, you must show that you have work lined up—either an offer of full-time employment or a number of contracts lined up. For permanent residence based on extraordinary ability, you may “self-petition,” meaning you do not need to have an employer before you apply; however, a job offer is a strong indication of your extraordinary ability so it can help your case.

For more information about these options and a full evaluation of your eligibility, please email or call (212) 988-5806 to schedule a consultation.